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15 Jul 2009

An article published in Liberation which outlines the oppressive conditions faced by Papuan women in Indonesia's poorest but most resource-rich territory.

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9 Jul 2009
The Munir history test: Unfinished business of justice

In October 1999, the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) published a report, Ruler's Law, that described how Indonesia's first two presidents - Sukarno and Soeharto - created an environment i

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23 Apr 2009

John Pilger rightly draws attention to the profound ignorance of East Timor's plight during nearly three decades of Indonesian occupation.

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27 Feb 2007
Rights for women take a tumble

Take a brief look at the history of Indonesia’s long struggle for independence and you will see that women have occupied a prominent place since the early days.

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11 Aug 2005
Devolving power to regions as peace building initiative

A greater devolution of power to the regions in Indonesia than that accommodated by present autonomy law provisions should be an option in peace building.

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21 Jul 2005

It has been asserted in your columns this week (Local Elections and Papuan Politics, July 11, 2005) that because the majority of West Papuans participated in general elections in 2004, they were therefore participating in an internal referendum.

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