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8 Jun 2012
A life of struggle

A full length feature on TAPOL's founder Carmel Budiardjo, published in Malaysia's The Star Online, which describes the life of one of the UK's most formidable campaigners, her struggles, inspiration and achievements. 

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14 May 2012

A critical article on mega-corporation Freeport, its impact on the people of West Papua, and the role it has played in the tragic history of the territory's incorporation into Indonesia via the sham 'Act of Free Choice' in 1968. Published by the Jakarta Post.

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14 Dec 2011
See No Prisoners

TAPOL responds to Djoko Suyanto's claim that there are 'no political prisoners in Indonesia' in an opinion piece published by the Jakarta Globe. 'See no prisoners' highlights the growing debate around the use of treason laws to silence dissent in West Papua, and calls on the government to release political prisoners and repeal anti-democratic laws that criminalize the freedom of expression.

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15 Aug 2010

A review of Shirley Shackleton's book 'The Circle of Silence: A Personal Testimony before, during, and after Balibo,' written by Carmel Budiardjo and published in the Jakarta Post. The review describes the courage of Shirley Shackleton, wife of one of the five journalists killed in Balibo, East Timor in October 1975.

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30 Jun 2010
Papua's fallen leaders

An article by Carmel Budiardjo, published in Arena magazine, considering the fate of Papuan leaders of recent decades, including the assasination of cultural activist Arnold Ap, the mysterious death of Dr Tom Wanggai, the assasination of Theys Hijo Eluay, and the murder of Kelly Kwalik.

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2 Mar 2010
Obama should help a people blighted by a US corporation

Ahead of the scheduled visit of US President Barack Obama to Indonesia to Indonesia in March, this article, published in the Jakarta Post, considers Obama's childhood connections with Indonesia and its meaning for West Papua, home to the gigantic US company Freeport which has played such a devastating role in the history of the territory.

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