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3 Nov 2015

"It was early in the morning of Oct. 1, 1965..." Carmel Budiardjo takes us back to the day that changed Indonesia's history for ever - and changed her own life beyond anything she'd ever imagined.

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16 Oct 2013

Organisations and politicians from the US, UK, Asia and the Pacific have written to leaders of the Melanesian Spearhead Group, calling for sustained efforts to give Papuans a voice and welcoming MSG leadership on the issue. Radio Australia interviews Paul Barber of TAPOL.

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1 Oct 2012

Jakarta Post coverage of the publication of TAPOL's report 'Indonesia's unresolved mass murders: undermining democracy,' which highlights the deep impacts for Indonesia of the continued impunity for perpetrators of the 1965 mass killings and abuses.

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10 Jun 2012

Carmel Budiardjo's review of Istana Jiwa by Putu Oka Sukanta, a novelist, filmmaker and commentator on social and political affairs, as well as a practising acupuncturist, who was imprisoned for ten years during Suharto's rise to power. The review was published in the Jakarta Post.

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8 Jun 2012
A life of struggle

A full length feature on TAPOL's founder Carmel Budiardjo, published in Malaysia's The Star Online, which describes the life of one of the UK's most formidable campaigners, her struggles, inspiration and achievements. 

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14 May 2012

A critical article on mega-corporation Freeport, its impact on the people of West Papua, and the role it has played in the tragic history of the territory's incorporation into Indonesia via the sham 'Act of Free Choice' in 1968. Published by the Jakarta Post.

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