Troop deployment to guard Exxon and other vital enterprises

6 Nov 2001
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A report from Aceh indicates the extent of troop deployment in North Aceh, nominally charged with protecting a number of Indonesia’s most prestigious industrial ventures, including Exxon-Mobil Indonesia and its associated refinery, PT ARUN.

According to the report, which gives a detailed breakdown of troop deployment, at least 10,755 (ten thousand seven hundred and fifty-five) troops have been posted in 77 (seventy seven) different location in the district of North Aceh, including 30 (thirty) villages, 3 (three) schools, 2 (two) mosques and one shopping complex. The report states that two hundred and fifty KOSTRAD troops have been posted in Lhok Kuyun village, Sawang Sub-district alone.

In Seunudon Sub-district, a total of 800 (eight hundred) troops have been posted in eight different locations, including 550 (five hundred and fifty) Marines and 150 (one hundred and fifty) men from Infantry Battalion 111.

On 31 October 2001, Dasian Ben Yusuf was arrested by the Marines based at Aluee Bili, Seunudon Sub-district. Two days later, on 2 November 2001, he was found dead by a villager in Paya Cicem river. The fate of two other men arrested by troops guarding the Exxon-Mobil site known as ‘Bachelor’ at Simpang Landing, Lhok Sukon, remains unconfirmed.

Troops have been deployed all along the Exxon-Mobil pipeline road, and regularly carry out operations into the nearby villages. Those using the pipeline road are stopped and searched. Villagers report cases of the systematic use of intimidation and extortion perpetrated by members of the security forces, and the report indicates that the inhabitants of villages located along or nearby the Exxon-Mobil pipeline are in a high state of fear and unrest, due to troop activity.

One example the report cites is that of Simpang Leupe, a village located along the Exxon-Mobil pipeline, where members of the security forces demand money from every vehicle which passes along that road, including the public transport and poor villages on their bicycles.

The troops deployed include KOPASSUS (forty at PT AAF complex and an unspecified number at PT PIM port at Dewantara and Dewantara Koramil base), KOSTRAD (deployed mostly to secure Exxon-Mobil facilities – units 121 and 122), Marines, Airforce, Brimob, TNI regulars, ZIPUR (Engineers) and ARHANUD (artillery air defence corps). The numbers of ‘organic’ and ‘non-organic’ forces are not made clear in the report.

The projects being secured by the troop deployment include:

Exxon-Mobil Indonesia
PT Aceh Asean Fertiliser (PT AAF)
PT Pupul Iskandar Mudah (PT PIM – fertiliser)
PT Kertas Kraf Aceh (PT KKA – pulp and paper plant)
State Electricity Company (PLN)
Tripara Co Warehouse

The full troop deployment data is given below:

Abbreviations: TNI = Indonesian National Armed Forces
BKO = reinforcement troops sent from outside Aceh, aka "non-organic"
POLRI = Indonesian National Police.
KOSTRAD = Indonesian Army Strategic Command.
PERTAMINA = National Oil Company
PU = Public Works Department
BRIMOB = Para military Mobile Brigade of POLRI.
KOPASSUS = Army's special commando unit (parachutists)
ARHANUD = Artillery Air Defence Corps
AURI = Indonesian Air Force
MARINIR = Marines
ZIPUR = Military Engineering Corps


1. Teumpok Teungoh LR. III. Lhokseumawe : 60 men of TNI BKO
2. SKB. Keude Aceh: 60 men of TNI
3. Pertamina. Hagu South West: 40 men of TNI/ POLRI
4. TPI. Ujong Pusong Lama: 50 men of TNI/ POLRI
5. SMKK.Gampong Jawa Lama : 40 men of TNI (KOSTRAD)
6. Next to PU Office: 40 men of TNI
7. District Officer (Bupati)'s Office: 20 men of TNI/ POLRI
8. EXXON-MOBIL Sports Complex of Uteunkot: 150 men of TNI/ POLRI
9. Cunda Plaza Shopping Complex: 100 men TNI/ POLRI
10. Lhok Seumawe Port: 12 tents of unknown number of TNI/ POLRI
11. Pusong Lama: 200 men of TNI
12. Teumpok Mosque: 10 men of BRIMOB
13. TRIPATRA Co. Warehouse of Blang Panyang: 200 men of TNI/ POLRI
14. PBI hill of Meunasah Muria: 70 men of TNI/ POLRI
15. Padang Sakti pipeline: 50 TNI/ POLRI
16. Cot Gapeuh Village of Padang Sakti: 50 men of TNI/ POLRI
17. Paloh punti Sp. Cot Pling village: 70 TNI/ POLRI
18. Paloh punti Sp. Cot Mosque: 70. TNI/ POLRI
19. Desa Seuneubok Kec. Blang mangat village: 100 TNI/ POLRI
20. Sp.Leupee.Kec. kutaMakmur village: 50 men of TNI/ POLRI
21. Blang Ktreing.Kutamakmur village: 50 men of TNI/ POLRI
22. Blang Pulo Telecoms hill: 120 men of TNI/ POLRI
23. PT.ARUN telecoms complex 100 men of TNI/ POLRI
24. Football stadium of ARUN: 400 men of TNI/ POLRI
25. Bukit Indah (ExxonMobil) of Muara Dua Sub-District: 70 men of TNI/ POLRI
26. ExxonMobil complex of Rancung (site of the infamous KOPASSUS torture complex during DOM): 1200 men of TNI
27. Gate I and II of ARUN gas project: 40 men of private security unit.
28. Payong post of PT.ARUN gas project: 20 men of TNI
29. PT. ARUN main office: 200 men of TNI
30. Sp. Empat KR.Geukueh village: 60. BRIMOB.
31. Police station of Dewantara: 60. BRIMOB
32. Koramil Dewantara Military base: 50 men of TNI(KOSTRAD/KOPASSUS)
33. Dewantara Camat (Assistant District Officer)'s office: 50 men ofTNI (KOSTRAD/KOPASSUS)
34. PIM Sports Stadium: 80 men of KOPASSUS.TNI BKO 130.
35. PLN Electricity Board of Cot Trueng,Muara Batu: 500 men of TNI.
36. Muara Batu Camat's office: 200 men of SILIWANGI (West Java TNI)/ BRIMOB
37. Ulee Gadong Primary School: 60 men of TNI
39.Malikussaleh Airport: 100 men of AURI/MARINIR/BRIMOB.
40.PIM port of Dewantara: 500 KOPASSUS/KOSTRAD/BRIMOB
41.AAF (AcehASEAN Fertilizer) Complex :130 men of a private security firm + 50 men of KOPASSUS
42.Cot TGK NI(at UNIMA university campus): 100 men of KOSTRAD/BRIMOB
43.Cot Wee village: 50 BRIMOB BKO
44.Kec.Muara Batu District Officer's Residence: 60 men of KOSTRAD/BRIMOB
45.Ulee Pulo.Kec.Muara Batu village: 35 men of BRIMOB
46.Gampong Barat Kec.Nisam village: 100 men of TNI
47.Cot Sabong .Nisam village : 250 TNI/POLRI
48.Ulee Nyeu. Lr.Jrat. Nisam village: 100 men of TNI
49.Njambek. Nisam: 100 men of TNI/POLRI
50.PT.KKA (Aceh Paper Mill) project, site of the infamous KKA junction massacre in 1999: unknown number of men from a private security firm + BKO.TNI.POLRI.


1.Sp Leupe, unknown number of men of KOSTRAD, 121, 122
2.Bukit Permata Hijau Housing complex: 100 men of KOSTRAD, 122,121
3.Simpang Jeuleukat: 60 men of KOSTRAD, 122, 121
4.Nex to Alue Liem Religious school of Blang Mangat: 20 men of KOSTRAD, 122, 121
5.Korpri Housing complex: 400 men of KOSTRAD, 411, 122, 121
6.Kebun Asia comlex: 40 men of KOSTRAD, 122, 121
7.Geunali Raya Housing complex, Blang Buloh: 40 men of KOSTRAD,122, 121
8.Simpang Mon Tujoh, Blang Buloh, Blang Mangat: unknown number of KOSTRAD,122,121
9.Kebun Sawit Said Sulaiman: 30 men of KOSTRAD, 122, 121
10.Cot Nek Andah village: 40 men of KOSTRAD, 122, 121
11.Simpang Alue Glem village: 100 men of KOSTRAD, 122, 121
12. Hill top of Bukit Cot Matahe 60 men of KOSTRAD, 122, 121
13.Foothill of Bukit Cot Matahe: 60 men KOSTRAD, 122, 121
14.Cot Matahe Football field: 400 men of KOSTRAD, 122, 121
15.Cot Matahe Junction: 40 men of KOSTARD, 121, 122
16.Simpang Ulee Meuria village,Syamtalira Bayu: 60 men of KOSTARD, 122, 121.
17Simpang Pulo U village, Syamtalira Bayu: 60 men of KOSTRAD,122,121
18.Paya Kambuk, Jungka Gajah village: 40 men KOSTARD,121, 122
19.Simpang Daya Nudi village: 40 men of BRIMOB POLSAK JUNGKA GAJAH.


There are 4 KOSTRAD posts totalling 250 men at Sawang Sub-District.

Units and strength of security posts in the SEUNUDON Sub-District, North Aceh:

1. POLSEK, battalion 3: 100 men.
2. Camat Office, Infantry Battalion YONIF 111: 150 men.
3. MATANG LADA, Marines: 100 men.
4. TEUPIN KUYUN, Marines: 60 men.
5. ULEE REUBEK BARAT, Marines: 100 men.
6. BLANG GEULEUMPANG, Marines: 150 men.
7. KUTA PAIDAH, Marines, 40 men.
8. ALUEE BILI, Marines, 100 men.

Units and strength of security posts in the JAMBO AYE Sub-district, North Aceh:

1. TEUPIN GAJAH. 70 Marines.
2. MEUNASAH DAYAH. 120 Marines.
3. DESA MEUREUBO. 150 Marines.
4. KUALA JAMBO AYE 60 Marines.