Papua in a Cycle of Conflict: Violence is still occurring

9 Oct 2009
Yusman Conoras, Foker LSM

There seems to be no end to conflict and violence in Papua. Discussions about the situation always focus on the problem of conflict, which only goes to show that something is amiss in the most easterly part of Indonesia.

The many conflicts that occurred in the four months from April to July 2009 show that Papua never seems able to rid itself of the language of conflict. The violence has been an integral part of central government policy, particularly before and after the recent parliamentary and presidential elections.

Why did violence escalate at the time of the recent elections when it spread from region to region? Civilian lives were lost and members of the security forces also lost their lives. No one has been apprehended or identified but it is always inferred that armed groups such as the TPN-OPM (Tentara Papua Nasional – Organisasi Papua Merdeka) were involved.

As Amiruddin of Elsam-Jakarta says, it is essential to uphold the rule of law and steer clear of making insinuations and allegations.

In this report, we will try to analyse the problem...

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