Indonesia’s unresolved mass murders: undermining democracy

26 Sep 2012
Chloé Pellegrini, TAPOL

This report gives an historical overview of the 1965–66 massacres, persecutions, and continuing discriminatory policies against alleged communists and their descendants in Indonesia. It shows how such practices have over the years also been extended to other groups, contributing to a state of political repression, inter-ethnic and inter-religious conflicts. Failure to address the past could fuel conflict and even result in further atrocities. The briefing concludes that a truth-seeking process, official historical clarification, and a genuine reconciliation process through judicial proceedings, reparations and rehabilitation for victims, are necessary if Indonesia is to maintain its progress towards sustainable democracy. It ends with a set of recommendations for the Government of Indonesia, the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) and the Attorney General, as well as for the international community.

To read the report in full, please download the PDF.