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Carmel Budiardjo made an honorary Papuan

28 December, 2010

Denpasar, Bali - The life's journey being traversed by the Papuan Nation to attain their identity as a nation created by the Almighty on their own land, has been in progress for many years, up to the present day. This journey has not been without suffering and oppression from other nations who are determined to take control of the abundant natural resources of the Land of Papua, while trying to remove the true owners from their own land. During the course of this struggle, we, the Papuan Nation, have observed that there are people who, inspired by humanitarianism, have shown by their actions that they defend the Right to Life of the Papuan Nation.

For this purpose, as a Nation that is conscious of our history and our identity, we have decided on this day, 28 December 2010, within FORDEM and along with several leaders who represent Papuan civil society, that we have the honour:

Firstly, to convey our deepest respects to Ibu CARMEL BUDIARDJO who has chosen to cross over and become part of the History of Suffering (SEJARAH SUNYI) of the Papuan Nation who, to this day, continue to suffer from oppression and colonisation.

Secondly, that Ibu Carmel Budiardjo has made the lamentations, sufferings and dreams of the Papuan National part of her own lamentations, sufferings and dreams from beginning to end.

Thirdly, having made it her life's choice and her ethics to take up and bear the cross together with us, we, the Papuan Nation, on this day, we accept Carmel Budiardjo as Papuaumau (Elderly Daughter of Papua: Mee/Paniai), Venia Ati (Genuine Daughter of Papua: Maybrat/Sorong), Bin Syowi (Foremost Daughter: Biak).

Having complied with the criterion of 'Orang Asli Papua' as affirmed by the Papuan Nation, Carmel Budiardjo shall from this day forth become a citizen of the Papuan Nation, along with all the rights included therein. Therefore, we who represent all components of Papuan civil society who are present at this special gathering, confer the afore-mentioned name upon Carmel Budiardjo, and shall call her by that name from this day forth.

This same recognition shall be granted every year by a committee composed of representatives/ Papuan victims of the violation of basic human rights to persons who cross over and join the struggle for Human Dignity and Standing, along with the Papuan Nation.

This Committee is composed of Leaders of the Papuan Nation: Mama Josepha Alomang (Women's Leader), the Rev. Dr Benny Giay (Church Leader) and Salmon Maurits Yumame (Fordem Papua).

FORDEM and Leaders of Papuan Civil Society.

1. Salman Maurits Yumame.
2. Rev. S. Titihalawa S.Si Theol
3. Frederika Korain.

Church Leader: Rev. Dr Benny Giay

Women's Leader: Josepha Alomang

Students: Daniel Womsiwor, Agus Aut