Press Releases

9 Apr 2009

At a time when the international media is focussing on today’s Indonesian elections, little attention had been paid to the deteriorating human rights situation in West Papua.

1 Mar 2009

The decision by Lucia Lobato, the Justice Minister of Timor Leste, to sue an investigative journalist for publishing a story about alleged corruption is a serious violation of the basic right of journalists to report on a case of alleged corruption and a threat to freedom of the press in the country.

25 Feb 2009

A ruling by Indonesia’s Constitutional Court has led to considerable doubt about whether women will benefit from a quota system that requires one in three candidates in party lists to be a woman.

13 Feb 2009

With less than two months to go before Indonesians go to the polls on 9 April, attention is on the corruption that has bedevilled the political system for years.

26 Sep 2008

Although the Indonesian military, TNI, is now excluded from formal politics, many retired officers have been nominated as candidates for next year’s parliamentary elections.

11 Aug 2008

TAPOL wishes to express its deep concern about the death of a Papuan who was participating in the celebration of World Indigenous Day in Wamena on Saturday, 9 August.