Press Releases

2 Oct 2009

TAPOL has today written to the Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, urging the British government to call upon the Indonesian government to revoke a discriminatory law adopted by the New Order regime of General Suharto in 1966.

24 Jul 2009

The trial of fifteen Papuans, facing the charge of makar, was resumed yesterday in Nabire District Court. The accused, all men, are mostly students and farmers associated with the West Papua National Committee, an organisation that seeks independence from Indonesia.

20 Jul 2009

TAPOL warmly welcomes the decision of the Papuan Amungme Tribal Council to file a lawsuit against the Indonesian Government, the Coordinating Welfare Minister Aburizal Bakrie and Freeport.

29 Jun 2009

TAPOL has today called on the British Government to suspend its plan to conduct training for Kopassus, Indonesia’s special forces, in October this year in view of reports of abuses perpetrated by members of the force in Merauke, province of Papua.

24 Jun 2009

The former rebel movement, GAM, transformed itself into a political party, Partai Aceh, which triumphed in the local elections. Thanks in part to the successful reintegration of combatants into society, many former GAM activists now occupy influential positions as governor, mayors or district chiefs.

10 Jun 2009

The decision to exclude human rights from the topics to be discussed by the presidential and vice presidential candidates in televised debates organised by Indonesia’s General Elections Commission will deprive the electorate of information about the records and views of the candidates on a matter of grave importance, says TAPOL.