Press Releases

24 Jun 2009

The former rebel movement, GAM, transformed itself into a political party, Partai Aceh, which triumphed in the local elections. Thanks in part to the successful reintegration of combatants into society, many former GAM activists now occupy influential positions as governor, mayors or district chiefs.

10 Jun 2009

The decision to exclude human rights from the topics to be discussed by the presidential and vice presidential candidates in televised debates organised by Indonesia’s General Elections Commission will deprive the electorate of information about the records and views of the candidates on a matter of grave importance, says TAPOL.

27 May 2009

Despite serious problems with flawed voter lists and complicated voting procedures, last month’s elections in Indonesia passed off relatively peacefully with a rainbow of secular and religious parties winning seats in the national parliament and regional assemblies.

9 Apr 2009

At a time when the international media is focussing on today’s Indonesian elections, little attention had been paid to the deteriorating human rights situation in West Papua.

1 Mar 2009

The decision by Lucia Lobato, the Justice Minister of Timor Leste, to sue an investigative journalist for publishing a story about alleged corruption is a serious violation of the basic right of journalists to report on a case of alleged corruption and a threat to freedom of the press in the country.

25 Feb 2009

A ruling by Indonesia’s Constitutional Court has led to considerable doubt about whether women will benefit from a quota system that requires one in three candidates in party lists to be a woman.