Press Releases

4 Feb 2013

Leaders across West Papua have demanded controversial author Jared Diamond apologizes for describing them in his new book as warlike, and strengthening the idea that indigenous people are ‘backwards’.

30 Nov 2012

By tomorrow, 1 December 2012, the Indonesian people are due to pay the UK government £27 million. Of this, £20 million is for arms sales to past dictator General Suharto.

30 Oct 2012

British-funded training of Indonesia’s anti-terror police, Special Detachment 88, should be reviewed in light of serious concerns about the unit’s human rights record and its operations in Papua.

24 Oct 2012

As Indonesian security forces opened fire on unarmed demonstrators in Papua, human rights groups plan to mark the state visit of Indonesian President with protests on behalf the victims of abuses in Papua, Timor-Leste and elsewhere.

26 Sep 2012

As the 47th commemoration of the events of 30 September 1965 approach, TAPOL has published a new report, warning that failure to address the legacy of past abuses could stir community divisions, fuel conflict and result in further atrocities

23 Aug 2012

Indonesia's National Human Rights Commission publishes the results of a four year investigation into the events of 1965-1966, describing them as ‘a black page in the history of the Indonesian people,’ involving widespread violence on ‘a truly massive scale.’