Press Releases

11 Aug 2008

TAPOL wishes to express its deep concern about the death of a Papuan who was participating in the celebration of World Indigenous Day in Wamena on Saturday, 9 August.

24 Jul 2008

When the Commission of Truth and Friendship (CTF) was set up in August 2005 by the governments of Timor-Leste and Indonesia to ‘establish the conclusive truth regarding the events prior to and immediately after the Popular Consultation in 1999’, there was scepticism about what it would achieve.

15 Jul 2008

This week the report of the bilateral Commission of Truth and Friendship (CTF) will be handed over to the presidents of Indonesia and Timor-Leste.

20 Jun 2008

The arrest yesterday of Muchdi Purwopranjono to face the charge of the murder of human rights activist, Munir, is a major step forward in efforts to end the culture of impunity in Indonesia.

11 Jun 2008

The imposition of severe restrictions on members of Ahmadiyah in the practice of their beliefs according to their own understanding of Islam represents a serious setback in Indonesia’s advance towards democracy.

20 Mar 2008

According to latest reports from West Papua, more than a dozen Papuans have been arrested for taking part in peacefully unfurling their flag, the Morning Star (Bintang Kejora), some or all of whom are likely to be charged for treason (makar).