9 May 2007

The screening of 'Passabe: What is the price of peace?' about East Timor massacre is a reminder of BAE Systems lack of accountability for fuelling the conflict, as the gigantic arms company holds its annual general meeting near Westminster.

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14 Mar 2007

The article 'A Matter of Perspective', published on Feb 20, accused TAPOL, the London-based Indonesia Human Rights Campaign, of lacking credibility and perspective. The survivor of an attack by Indonesian police officers on a group of students in Abepura, West Papua, presents a different view.

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27 Feb 2007

Kembang Kembang Genjer is one of a number of books published in the past few years which gives the opportunity to victims, in this case all of them women, to tell their stories. This book consists of thirteen chapters relating the experiences of women now in their 70s or 80s.

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3 Jun 2003

As the war in Aceh enters its third week and military operations in the Central Highlands in Papua intensify, it is timely to put these developments into a broader context and take a look at the well-documented plans of the Indonesian armed forces, the TNI, to reassert their role in political and security affairs.

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17 May 2002
The international solidarity movement for East Timor: a weapon more powerful than guns

For 23 years, the people of East Timor waged a bitter and at times lonely struggle against a mighty military dictatorship which enjoyed unstinting support from western governments who valued their economic ties – trade, investments and the sale of arms – to the exclusion of all else.

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30 Oct 1998

TAPOL's 25th anniversary comes just months after the downfall of the Indonesian dictator, Suharto. A glance back at what we have tried to do provides an insight into the depth and persistence of gross human rights violations suffered by people living under Indonesian rule. It will help identify the tasks which lie ahead as Indonesia struggles to create a democratic country

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