30 Aug 2010
Surga Kecil Itu Akan Musnah

Tanah Papua, tanah yang kaya, surga kecil jatuh ke bumi. Begitulah Frangky Sahilatua, seorang musisi asal Maluku memuja tanah Papua dalam lagunya Aku Papua yang dipopulerkan oleh penyanyi anak negeri, Edo Kondologit. Tidaklah salah jika Frengky mengurai kata dalam lagu ini karena begitulah kenyataannya, tanah Papua kita kaya.

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31 Dec 2009

Carmel Budiardjo pays tribute to the only Indonesian President to show understanding of and sympathy for the people of West Papua.

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7 Oct 2009

A Road Map produced by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences, LIPI, makes an important contribution to efforts to solve the Papuan problem through dialogue.

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7 Oct 2009
WPNCL Calls on the Indonesian Government to Hold Talks with the Papuan People

The West Papua National Coalition for Liberation calls upon the Indonesian President for talks with the Papuan people on equal terms and with third-party mediation.

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28 Aug 2009

A courageous publisher and opponent of the authoritarian Suharto regime, responsible for publishing the banned books of Indonesia’s foremost novelist, Pramoedya Ananta Toer.

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19 Aug 2008
Message to forum leaders on West Papua

TAPOL calls on Forum leaders to grant observer status to West Papua, support calls for dialogue and send a factfinding mission to the territory.

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