23 Aug 2012

After fifty long years, the victims of one of the worst massacres of the twentieth century now have a glimmer of hope that justice may finally be done. In July this year, Indonesia’s National Human Rights Commission – Komnas HAM – published the results of a four year investigation, describing the events of 1965-1966 as ‘a black page in the history of the Indonesian people,’ involving widespread violence on ‘a truly massive scale.’

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26 Apr 2012
An Agribusiness Attack in West Papua

Two major reports were published this month about the enormous land-grab taking place in West Papua, providing a critical insight into the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate.

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7 Apr 2012
Beata Yaboisembut Akim, the woman who accompanies the President

Article published in 'Voices of Papuan Women' about Beata Yaboisembut Akim, wife of West Papuan political prisoner Forkorus Yaboisembut. Translated by TAPOL.

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5 Apr 2012
Kimanus Wenda's Tumour operation

Kimanus Wenda, a prisoner usually detained in Nabire prison had an operation to remove a tumour from his stomach at Dian Harapan Hospital, Waena Jayapura on 14 March 2012.

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27 Feb 2012
Statement by Gustav Kawar, lawyer defending Forkorus Cs

Papuan human rights lawyer Gustav Kawer, one of the Jayapura Five legal team, has been threatened with prosecution by the Public Prosecutor for carrying out his courtroom duties.

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30 Jan 2012

Five Papuan leaders on trial for treaason have released a statement, rejecting the treason trial and other such trials and declaring independence.

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