10 Dec 2010
The Indonesian Government Must Promote Peace and Civil Society Involvement in Upholding Human Rights

A message from leading Indonesian human rights NGO KontraS, to commemorate World Human Rights Day 2010.

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9 Dec 2010

On Human Rights Day 2010, Papuan Civil Society Coalition expresses deep concern about violence and human rights violations under special autonomy.

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9 Nov 2010

The London Munir Memorial Lecture commemorates a courageous activist and reflects on what can be done to end impunity and protect human rights defenders.

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15 Sep 2010

A series of powerful and moving accounts of the brutal events that accompanied Suharto’s rise to power in 1965/66 presented by producer, Putu Oka Sukanata, a political detainee himself between 1966 and 1976.

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30 Aug 2010

Papua: A small paradise of great riches that is being pludered of its forests, land, water and minerals by investors from Indonesia and around the world.

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30 Aug 2010
Surga Kecil Itu Akan Musnah

Tanah Papua, tanah yang kaya, surga kecil jatuh ke bumi. Begitulah Frangky Sahilatua, seorang musisi asal Maluku memuja tanah Papua dalam lagunya Aku Papua yang dipopulerkan oleh penyanyi anak negeri, Edo Kondologit. Tidaklah salah jika Frengky mengurai kata dalam lagu ini karena begitulah kenyataannya, tanah Papua kita kaya.

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