6 Mar 2013
Benny Giay

Papuan church leaders Rev Benny Giay and Socratez Sofyan Yoman deplore the lack of protection provided for indigenous Papuans by Indonesian security forces, and state that the security forces are part of the problem rather than the solution.

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28 Feb 2013
Papuans Behind Bars

January Update from Papuans Behind Bars, a new project about political prisoners in West Papua, initated by Papuans civil society groups working together as the Civil Society Coalition to Uphold Law and Human Rights in Papua.

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11 Feb 2013
Sendawi, winds of life

Papuan community educator, film maker and director Wensislaus Fatubun talks about his latest project, 'Sendawi,' and his inspiration for founding Forum Sendawi, 'a liberation movement for a genuine emancipation.'

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25 Jan 2013
Dominikus Surabut

By realising that this adult life is full of selfishness, competition and abrasive human values, the heart shrinks when humankind questions itself as human. Am I valued as a human?

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18 Jan 2013
The Papua-Jakarta dialogue will happen if President SBY wants it to

Comment on the Jakarta-Papua dialogue by leading Papuan human rights Yan Christian Warinussey.

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2 Jan 2013
Feelings of injustice and trauma still widespread in Papua

Papuan human rights NGOs BUK and KontraS condemn the ongoing impunity for violations in Papua, stating that it has lead to long-standing feelings of injustice, deep resentement and trauma. A Jubi article translated by TAPOL.

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