6 Feb 2014
The Pacific/MSG Delegation Visit to Papua: Full of Contradictions

Papuan women's network TIKI has written a direct and challenging letter to the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) on behalf of the indigenous women of Papua. TIKi criticises the visit of the MSG delegation, reminding the MSG of the original aim of the visit and questioning whether it has met this aim.

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30 Jan 2014

Papuan lawyer attacks 'Otsus Plus' as unconstitutional, outlining the divergence of the drafting process from the legal requirements set out in the 2001 Papua Special Autonomy law.

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23 Dec 2013
Danny Kogoya

Today TAPOL, the Human Rights and Peace for Papua (ICP), Fransiscans International, the West Papua Netzwerk (WPN) and the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) issued an urgent appeal alerting the UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial executions to the alleged poisoning of Papuan activist Danny Kogoya.

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4 Dec 2013

Papuan political prisoner Yohanes Boseren, currently on trial in Biak, is suffering from mental health problems thought to be related to the heavy beating he suffered when he was arrested. Human rights lawyers are calling for his immediate release and for him to be given the medical treatment he urgently needs.

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12 Nov 2013

A new book, sponsored by TAPOL, sheds further light on the harrowing experiences of the survivors of the 1965 mass murders in Indonesia. Edited by former political prisoner, Putu Oka Sukanta, ‘Sulawesi Testifies’ is based on interviews with survivors and a murderer's accomplice on the island of Sulawesi.

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4 Nov 2013
Papua Customary Council: Indonesia must recognise forgotten genocide

The Balim La Pago Papua Customary Council confirms the truth of recent AHRC/ICP report on the 'Forgotten Genocide' in Papua's central highlands, stating that the massacres caused trauma which has lasted for generations.

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