20 Jul 2022

TAPOL expresses its concern and deep sorrow at the numerous events that have occured recently in West Papua, which have led to the deaths of several people. Firstly, the destruction and repressive actions of the security forces at the Paniai Regent’s Office (Kantor Bupati Paniai) that caused the death of one person and the injury of others on Tuesday 5th July 2022; and secondly, shootings and unlawful killings of at least 11 civilians, carried out by armed groups in Nduga on Saturday 16th July 2022.

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30 Jun 2022

Coalition for Maybrat Advocacy has criticised the verdict of the Makassar District Court, which has found the Sorong Six guilty and sentenced them to prison for between 18 and 20 years. These verdicts add salt t​​o unhealed old wounds of Papuans, and have strengthened their sense that the Indonesian legal system cannot be trusted to deliver fair trials.

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27 May 2022

TAPOL latest briefing looks at reports of illegal sales of weaponry by the security forces, continuing internal displacement and the military's claimed new approach. It looks especially at the reasons behind these developments, and the lack of coherent action on the part of the Government. An underlying reason for arms dealing is pervasive militarism in West Papua, where security force operations are leading to violence and causing the displacement of civilians. 

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10 May 2022

TAPOL urges the Indonesian Government to release Jefry Wenda, the spokesperson of the Papuan People’s Petition (Petisi Rakyat Papua, PRP) and others arrested today during a peaceful protest in Jayapura. Wenda was arrested along with several members of the West Papuan National Committee (Komite Nasional Papua Barat, KNPB) including Ones Suhuniap, Omizon Balingga and Imam Kogoya. Others arrested were Marthen Rumbiak (West Papua National Authority, WPNA) and activists Esther Haluk and Aby Douw.

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29 Apr 2022

London (29 April 2022)

Plans to establish 'Food Estates' were announced by the Indonesian government at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic because, it said, it wanted to ensure Indonesia's food security. 

But as AwasMIFEE! and TAPOL show in their report released today, 'Pandemic Power Grabs: Who benefits from Food Estates in West Papua?', these plans would seem to benefit agro-industrial conglomerates and oligarchs with close connections to figures in the government. Furthermore, based on previous and current plans, Food Estates could lead to ecological ruin and further sideline the Indigenous population in West Papua. 

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8 Apr 2022

"Sorong Enam: Disiksa Bertubi-tubi, Dipindahkan Sembunyi-Sembunyi (Sorong Six: Tortured Repeatedly, Transported Secretly)". This campaign video, by TAPOL, LBH Kaki Abu, and LBH Makassar, calls for the release of six political prisoners from Sorong, West Papua, who were subjected to torture and unfair trial. Three of the six detainees are still minors.

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