14 Oct 2015

TAPOL joins other humanitarian groups in urging the Government of Indonesia in conducting an impartial investigation for the killings of indigenous Papuan youth between 2006 and September 2015.

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7 Oct 2015

"Torture and Impunity in Indonesia: Addressing state violence in West Papua," consists of cases which demonstrate entrenched impunity for torture involving state actors in West Papua. 

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1 Oct 2015

Carmel Budiardjo shares her personal experience in the aftermath of 1965 and comments on the influences that led her to create TAPOL.

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23 Sep 2015

Carmel Budiardjo speaks about 50th anniversary of 1965 the occasion of "Remembering the Forgotten" event organised by TAPOL and Amnesty International

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23 Sep 2015

Today TAPOL and Amnesty International are commemorating The 50th Anniversary of the 1965 Atrocities in Indonesia: Remembering the Forgotten. There are lauch the documentary film of Carmel Budiardjo, silent vigil and panel discussion. 

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13 Aug 2015

Today, 7 human rights organizations are calling for the Indonesian government to provide truth, justice and reparation to victims and their families in Aceh as a mandate of the 2005 Peace Agreement. 

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