11 Dec 2015

TAPOL, ICP, Franciscans International, VIVAT International-Indonesia, KontraS and LBH Jakarta have urged the UN Special Rapporteurs on Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Assembly to raise the cases of killings, torture, mass arrests and excessive use of force against indigenous Papuans participating in activities commemorating 1 December with the Indonesian government.

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10 Dec 2015

In 10 days, Indonesia would have had a year under the Jokowi - JK administration. Has there been any improvement in Papua? Peneas Lokbere, Coordinator of SKP-HAM Papua pens a statement on International Human Rights Day, 10 December.

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2 Dec 2015

A film made in 2015 to document the life of Carmel Budiardjo and TAPOL

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27 Nov 2015
Momentum and the East Timor Independence Movement: The Origins of America's Debate on East Timor

Carmel Budiardjo reviews Gunderson's 'Momentum and the East Timor Independence Movement,' finding that while it is excels in describing the US peace movement's response, it fails to mention the US government's role, the Bailbo murders, or the truth about the famine.

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3 Nov 2015

"It was early in the morning of Oct. 1, 1965..." Carmel Budiardjo takes us back to the day that changed Indonesia's history for ever - and changed her own life beyond anything she'd ever imagined.

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30 Oct 2015

Veteran rights groups ETAN, WPAT and TAPOL condemn government censorship in Indonesia after Bali's Ubud writer's festival was forced to cancel events relating to the atrocities committed in 1965/6.

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