23 Jul 2013

A year ago today, Indonesia’s National Commission on Human Rights published a landmark report on the 1965/66 mass killings. It found evidence of crimes against humanity, but none of its recommendations been acted upon. On the back of the heightened attention to the kilings generated by the award-winning film, THE ACT OF KILLING, TAPOL's Carmel Budiardjo reflects on what happened and who was to blame. 

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11 Jul 2013

TAPOL highlights freedom of expression in West Papua at the UN Human Rights Committee's review of Indonesia, but the Indonesian Government claims that the right is not absolute.

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11 Jul 2013
Candle of Papua's Humanity: Wamena-Wasior

Jakarta-based Papua solidarity group NAPAS announces a solidarity action to highlight the continued silence over the Wamena and Wasior cases of gross human rights violations, which have never been resolved. Join them and show your support!

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28 Jun 2013

TAPOL's 40th anniversary TAPOL is being marked by the launch of Say Sorry for '65, a campaign calling on President Yudhoyono to acknowledge the truth about the 1965 mass killings. The campaign launches at the UK opening-night screening of the multi award-winning film about 1965, The Act of Killing.

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31 May 2013

Two human rights lawyers from West Papua, Olga Hamadi and Gustaf Kawer, are honoured at a ceremony for the Lawyers for Lawyers Award in Amsterdam. "These two lawyers show great and onoing a situation largely ignored by the outside world," said the expert jury which placed them third on the shortlist for the Award.

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23 May 2013
Mr Frank La Rue

Following the killings, arbitrary arrests and excessive use of force against peaceful protestors in Papua between 30 April and 13 May, TAPOL and 10 other international organisations appealed to the Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression, Mr Frank La Rue, to take action and urgently raise the issue with the government of Indonesia.

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