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Solidarity action for Wamena-Wasior

11 July, 2013

What is Link Papua?

Candle of Papua's Humanity (LINK) is a solidarity action of people who love and care about Papua's humanity, simultaneously in various places in national and international, as a campaign to highlight human rights violations cases in Papua.

LinK Papua is organized due to the fact that the Indonesian State continues to ignore the human rights violations in Papua.

LinK Papua will concentrate its campaign on the settlement of Wasior-Wamena crimes against the people that the Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) has expressed as gross human rights violations and submitted files of these crimes to the Attorney General for further action but it has been stalled or remain unclear.


When and Where?

July 14, 2013, is the date being chosen because nine years ago, July 14, 2004, the Commission on Human Rights has completed and submitted the files of Wasior-Wamena case to the Attorney General.

In Jakarta, LinK Papua will be held at Bunderan Hotel Indonesia that begins at 8:00pm, Indonesia local time.


Why Wasior-Wamena?

The investigative files of human rights violations of Wasior-Wamena is a result by an ad hoc team of pro-justicia investigative of Commission on Human Rights for the incident that happened in Wasior (2001) and Wamena (2003) in Papua province. Based on the research, Commission on Human Rights found indications of gross human rights violations in both cases.

But the Attorney General returned the files on the basis that it’s incomplete and did not fulfill some formal and substantive required evidence. On December 29, 2004, the Commission on Human Rights returned the files, regardless of the Attorney Generals reasoning. According to the Head of the Commission on Human Rights, the investigation is in accordance with the Law No. 26, 2000, on Human Rights Court.

Due to the Commission of Human Rights maintains its findings and the Attorney General also maintains its stance, the Wasior-Wamena case is like stuffing things in a box and been forgotten at the end of the day. The fate obscurely stagnates. This incident has given impunity to the perpetrators and justice for the victims being far away.

NAPAS observes that it's necessary to remind the seriousness and responsibility of the State to uphold human rights in the country. When human rights enforcement in Papua is not progressing, then conflict and violence will keep recurring. Handling serious crimes against humanity in Papua can pave the way to start a peaceful dialogue to end the conflict.


What is to be campaigned?

·  To completion of Wasior-Wamena cases of crimes against humanity by upholding on the principle of justice for the victims.

·  To condemn Commission on Human Rights and Attorney General in handling Wasior-Wamena human rights case, due to the fact that if this case is being ignored, it will further strengthen impunity and increase the social burden for the victims.

·  Handling the crimes against humanity in Papua should be followed up by establishing a real and serious human rights court as a first step to build constructive communication with Papua, as stated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.


Ways to support:

1.    Disseminate the callout of support to all friends who care about humanity;

2.    Organise LinK Papua to Wasior-Wamena in various places and documenting and disseminating the documentation to extend the support and apply political pressure;

3.    Present LinK Papua in their respective places by carrying candles in solidarity and demand resolution of human rights violations cases in Papua;

4.    Recommend people/group who can support the event to the organizers in order to make it success.

5.    For those who cannot be present in the event, can expressed support and solidarity through various social networks, photographs and petition or statement of any kind of support.


More detail information on Facebook Page: National Papua Solidarity, and twitter @papuasolidarity or phone  +62-815.812.6673 (Zely). 


Background Information about the Case

Cases of human rights violations in Wasior originated from conflicts amongst the local people who claim compensation for land rights that was taken by forest concession holders. During the people's action at the end of March 2001, a sudden "unknown armed group" shot dead three employees of PT. DMP. Post-shooting, Papua Police with the support of Military Command XVII TRIKORA conducted "Operation Tuntas Matoa”.

This operation led to casualties among civilians. Based on the Commission on Human Rights report, the human rights violations occurred in the form of:

1. Murder (4 cases);

2. Torture (39 cases), including the cause of death (dead in custody);

3. Rape (1 case); and

4. Enforced disappearances (5 cases);

5. Based on the investigation of PBHI (Indonesian Legal Aid Association), forcible displacement occurs, the cause of death and disease, and

6. Loss and destruction of property.

Cases of human rights violations in Wamena associated with the military response to an incident of unidentified group break and enter into the Military base 1702/Wamena District Military Command Headquarters on April 4, 2003. This burglary cost the lives of two military and one critically injured. The attackers allegedly carried off a number of weapons and ammunitions. In response from the security forces for the perpetrators, both the military and police officers conducted search, arrest, torture and killing of civilians, thus creating fear amongst the society in Wamena.

Based on Commission on Human Rights report, human rights violations have occurred in the form of:

1. Murder (2 cases);

2. Forcible expulsion of the cause of death and disease (10 cases);

3. Other physical deprivation of liberty in an arbitrary manner (13 cases);

4. Removal and destruction of property (58 cases);

5. Torture (20 cases);

6. shooting (2 cases);

7. Nine people become political prisoners (detainees).

For nine years, the Commission on Human Rights file the case of crimes against humanity committed in Wasior-Wamena  by State apparatus has never been progressed. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's commitment to building constructive communication for peaceful solutions in Papua will not progress if the recommendations of the Human Rights Commission on crimes against humanity were never acted upon.