Security forces react to 1 December commemorative events with killings, torture and mass arrests

11 Dec 2015

TAPOL, ICP, Franciscans International, VIVAT International-Indonesia, KontraS and LBH Jakarta have urged the UN Special Rapporteurs on Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Assembly to raise the cases of killings, torture, mass arrests and excessive use of force against indigenous Papuans participating in activities commemorating 1 December with the Indonesian government.

These mass arrests, killings, torture and excessive use of force represent a severe decline in the environment for free expression and assembly in Indonesia. While it is sadly common for Papuan demonstrators to face human rights abuses within their home region, recent police action in Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta shows that Papuans who express their opinions remain at risk of arbitrary arrest and ill-treatment throughout Indonesia. We believe that recent police action against indigenous Papuans, student demonstrators and journalists across Indonesia – in Jakarta, Yapen Island and Nabire – represents a systematic pattern of repression of dissenting Papuan voices.

Read the full urgent appeal here.