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Press Release: 12 Years After Wamena 4 April 2003

sudah 12 tahun, tragedi kemanusiaan "wamena berdarah", namun tidak perna diproses dengan serius oleh negara. sepertinya pemerintah berupaya untuk “melupakan” kasus ini dan melanggengkan impunitas.
15 April 2015

On 4 April 2003, a crime against humanity was committed which is known as the 'Bloody Wamena' incident. On that day, Papuan people in the vicinity were celebrating Easter. They were shocked when sweepings began against 25 kampungs in Wamena Town, Napua, Okilik, Walesi , Hoele, Pyramid, Tiom, Kwiyawage and several other kampungs nearby, Laurem, Wupaga, Negeyagin, Geneya, Mume and Timine. This occurred following an incident when the ammunitions dump of Kodim 1702 was attacked and ammunition was seized. The security forces responded by mobilising joint forces from the TNI (Army) and Polri (Police). The kampungs came under attack for more than three months. As a result, there were many casualties among the population - arbitrary arrests, torture, forced evictions  and other types of physical abuse. 

The Districts of Jayawijaya and Wamena Town have been the targets of acts of violence by the State. There are three incidents which people in the Central Highlands will never forget. The 1977 Incident, the incident on 6 October 2000 and Bloody Wamena on 4 April 2003.

In July 2004 the National Human Rights Commission published a Projusticia report which said that the Wamena incident on 4 April 2003 was a crime against humanity. That case was reported after nine people had been murdered and 38 nine people had been injured. There were also a number of forced evictions against the population in the 25 kampungs, as a result of which 42 people died from starvation and fifteen were deprived of their rights to freedom. The National Human Rights Commission also discovered that people had been forced to sign a statement and a number of buildings had been damaged (a church, a polyclinic and a school) as a result of which the people were forced to flee.

Twelve years have passed since the 'Bloody Wamena' incident occurred, yet the State has done nothing to ensure accountability for those responsible. It seems as though the government has 'forgotten' these cases which have occurred with impunity.

In accordance with our decision never to forget and to demand justice for the victims of 'Bloody Wamena', we the representatives of United for the Truth (BUK-Papua),the Commission to Combat Disappearances and Acts of Violence (KontraS-Papua), Garda-Papua and the Independent Students Forum (FIM) called upon:

1. President Joko Widodo to take immediate action to press for the Wamena and Wasior  cases to be taken before a Human Rights Court.

2. President Joko Widodo to immediately  appoint a Commissioner for the National Human Rights Commission and set up a Human Rights Court in Papua in accordance with the stipulations in the 2001 Law on Special Autonomy for Papua.

3. To stop moves to set up a Brimob Command in Wamena until such time as the 'Bloody Wamena' case has been properly dealt with.


Jayapura, 4 April 2015


Peneas Lokbere, Co-ordinator of BUK-Papua

Olga Hamadi,KontraS Papua

Marayu Mamoribu,Garda Papua

Teko Kogoya, Chairman of FIM


Contact person:

Peneas Lokbere 082199360292


Translated by Carmel Budiardjo