Papua Customary Council: Indonesia must recognise forgotten genocide

4 Nov 2013
Papua Customary Council: Indonesia must recognise forgotten genocide
Papua Customary Council (Dewan Adat Papua)

As the representative and in the name of the indigenous people of Baliem La Pago, we would like to express our utmost gratitude to the Asian Commission on Human Rights in Hong Kong for reminding the world of the crimes committed by the State, which has long been kept secret.

The massacre and indiscriminate killings perpetrated by the State took place in the indigenous territory of Balim in 1977-1978. The trauma of this crime has left a lasting impression for generations.

The data produced by the Asian Human Rights Commission in Hong Kong is the most accurate and reliable as the accounts are verifiable through witnesses who are still alive today.

We would also like to bring to the public’s attention the many other victims, whose data could not be recorded, particularly in areas where there had been mass displacement. In the exodus many people starved along the way, fell ill and even died in the jungle.

The fact that the Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia are paying serious attention to the data confirms its legitimacy. In addition to this report on human rights violations, which occurred since 1960 until the end of 2013 in Papua from Sorong to Merauke, millions of indigenous Papuans have lost their ancestral homes and livelihoods as well as the wealth of our natural resources, which have been robbed.

The cases of human rights violations in Papua are very serious and the Indonesian Government must not ignore them and remain silent. We therefore urge President SBY and his Government to make an official declaration as follows:

  1. Recognition of both past and recent events
  1. Apologise to the Papuan people for past mistakes
  1. Fair and just law enforcement for the people of Papua
  1. Reparations for victims of human rights violations



  1. We urge the UN Secretary-General and Member States of the United Nations, United Nations Human Rights Commission, Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples and the international community to immediately address human rights violations in Papua.
  1. The Indonesian Government should give free access to the international media and foreign observers to monitor the situation Papua.
  1. All parties from the indigenous peoples of Papua and West Papua provinces, the Indonesian Government, all security forces, NGOs, religious bodies and student movements must seriously address the ongoing ethnic cleansing occurring until today.
  1. Temporarily suspend the redrawing of the district and provincial borders and the proposed Autonomy PLUS.
  1. Investigate all corruption cases in Papua and West Papua provinces and set up a Reconciliation Commission immediately.