Oral statement at the 33nd regular session of the Human Rights Council

19 Sep 2016

Oral statement at the 33nd regular session of the Human Rights Council

Item 4 General debate – Human Rights situation that requires Council’s attention.

19th September 2016

Delivered by Andrzej Owca



Mr. President,


VIVAT International, Franciscans International, the International Coalition for Papua and TAPOL welcome and encourage the commitment and the efforts that have been already made by the government of Indonesia on human rights.

However, we remain deeply concerned about the continuous violations of human rights in West Papua, as one of the most vulnerable regions of Melanesia.

The information coming from West Papua through the human rights defenders, activists and the eye-witness’s, especially in the last months, is of our profound concern and it should not pass without any reaction from the Council.

Indigenous Papuans live in constant insecurity; their basic human rights are not respected. We are particularly concerned about repeated violations of the right to freedom of expression and assembly. West Papuans, who exercise their basic human rights in a peaceful way in demonstrations, are mistreated. Only this year, up to 15th August, 3768 indigenous Papuans were arrested. We have also documented reports of cases of torture and ill treatment by the Indonesian security forces during their detention.

The number of the extra judicial killings has also increased. Recently, we received a report on the shooting to death of 19-year-old Mr. Otinus Sondegu, on 27 August 2016, in the Intan Jaya regency, Papua. The shooting was allegedly done by a member of the Indonesian Mobile Brigade. We receive regularly the reports of similar cases, however, none up to now have been investigated in accordance with international law.

Therefore, we recommend that the government of Indonesia:

1.     Conduct an impartial investigation into the cases of arbitrary arrest and extrajudicial killings in West Papua.

2.     Guarantee the right of freedom of expression, freedom of association and assembly for all Papuans.

3.     Open access to West Papua for the international community.

Thank you Mr. President


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