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Militarisation, Conflict and Injustice in Maybrat Regency, West Papua

17 February, 2022

Located right in the heart of the Bird’s Head Peninsula at the Northwest corner of West Papua, Maybrat has often been hidden fr​​om the world’s view, due to its remoteness, lack of coverage and seeming peacefulness. Following a period of military expansion in the region, Maybrat has been the scene of violence between the military and West Papua’s pro-independence armed group, TPNPB (Tentara Pembebasan Nasional Papua Barat, the National Liberation Army of West Papua). This briefing shows drivers of recent conflict in Maybrat, especially militarisation and natural resource contestation. This has led to increasing tensions in two districts of Maybrat especially, an attack allegedly carried out by TPNPB on military posts, and the persecution of people accused of involvement in the attack, including children. They have been subject to rendition, trial and imprisonment in another area of Indonesia. Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) who have been involved in defending the six defendants have also had injustices meted out to them. This is the story of the attack on Kisor, the criminalisation of minor named LK, the Sorong 6 and the case of Leo Idjie. But much led up to this point, and the situation now present in Maybrat brings the province closer to what has been seen throughout the rest of West Papua in recent years. This briefing will hone in on the situation in West Papua province in recent years, looking at the nature of and reason for the uptick in incidents.


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