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MIFEE: Two major reports published

26 April, 2012

Two major reports were published this month about the enormous land-grab taking place in West Papua. The Merauke Intergrated Food and Energy Estate, popularly known as 'MIFEE' has already robbed indigenous peoples of their land, caused horizontal conflicts and threatens social and environmental catastrophe in Papua's southern province of Merauke. The investigation by Indonesia's Tempo magazine and the report by activist group Awas MIFEE provide a critical insight into the ominous project which threatens to swallow a huge area of Indonesia's most secretive province.

'An Agribusiness Attack in West Papua' seeks to "bring together different threads of information that have been published about MIFEE in order to create a clear picture of what it's all about and where the project stands at the moment." As the report points out, "Up to now, it has been difficult to get a grasp of MIFEE because there are few coherent and reliable sources available." This excellent report is the go-to English language resource on the project. 

Meanwhile, leading Indonesian publication Tempo magazine has published an investigation into the land-grab: "A time bomb in Merauke." The investigation investigates the tribal conflicts being caused by the project, warning that the resulting tensions and protests threaten to stall the project completely.

To read the reports, please download the PDF files.