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Kimanus and Linus to be moved to Abepura prison

13 November, 2014

Jayapura - Anum Siregar, lawyer for Linus Hiluka and Kimanus Wenda, met with the Head of Correctional services at the regional office for Law and Human Rights, Papua province, Jayapura, in order to find out the truth about the condition of her clients.

“I contacted the Head of Nabire prison after receiving an sms from Anum,” explained the Head of Correctional services (Kadiv Pas) at the regional office for Law and Human Rights, Papua province, Yohan Yarangga,S,Sos (12/11/2014).

“It’s correct, Kimanus and Linus have been moved to Nabire police station; this policy was taken to ensure the safety of the guard who felt threatened by the actions of Kimanus, and also Linus.”

He continued, “When the incident occurred, the Head of the prison was out of the area. It may well be that there are certain regulations which cause friction and need to be improved, having caused this incident to happen.”

The Kadiv Pas asked the Nabire prison guard why there was an axe in the prison, and according to the information received from the guard, the Nabire prison kitchen still uses firewood for cooking.

“So those logs need to be split with an axe. But after this incident I’m going to request that the wood is cut outside, so that there doesn’t need to be an axe in the prison kitchen,” he explained.

The Kadiv Pas went on to add that the two political prisoners in question may be transferred to Abepura prison in Jayapura.

“If there is no guarantee that this incident will not be repeated, the guard will feel worried,” he said.  

In association with the transfer plan, he requested that the Head of Nabire prison immediately put this policy in place. (Tim/AlDP).