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Papua's fallen leaders

an article by carmel budiardjo, published in arena magazine, considering the fate of papuan leaders of recent decades, including the assasination of cultural activist arnold ap, the mysterious death of dr tom wanggai, the assasination of theys hijo eluay, and the murder of kelly kwalik.
30 June 2010

Anyone who emerges as a leader of the West Papuan people is setting out on a dangerous path. Since the murder of cultural leader and activist Arnold Ap in April 1984 and the kidnap and murder of Theys Hijo Eluay, chairman of the Papuan Presidium Council, in November 2001, Papuans who have emerged as leaders have had their lives cut short by assassins from the security forces. Democracy in Indonesia has not changed Jakarta’s treatment of West Papua... For the full article, please download the PDF.