28 Jun 2007

Joint NGO letter expressing grave concern about the tenure of Col. Burhanuddin Siagian as commander of the Jayapura sub-regional military command (Korem 172/ PWY/Jayapura) in Papua.

23 May 2007

An open letter to the presidents of Indonesia and Timor-Leste from a worldwide coalition of human rights organizations, led by groups from Indonesia and Timor-Leste, calling on the Presidents to close the bilateral Commission for Truth and Friendship (CTF).

14 Mar 2007

Letter to Timorese parliament by International NGOs, expressing conern that the parliament has not yet formally considered the CAVR report and its recommendations, and urging it to do so.

14 Jan 2007

Political analysis of elections in Aceh, the Aceh Monitoring Mission, the democratisation process, and the steps which still need to be taken in realising a fully democratic Aceh.

30 Jun 2005

Paper presented by Carmel Budiardjo to the fifth international solidarity meeting for West Papua in the Philippines. The paper highlights the latest key issues in West Papua and calls for withdrawal of non-organic troops from the territory.

14 Mar 2005

With the exception of the capital city, Jayapura, West Papua is closed to visits by foreign NGOs and journalists. However, West Papuan NGOs are able to keep contact with local groups and communities and collect information for dissemination abroad.