Election Updates

In 2009, TAPOL produced a series of election updates ahead of and during Indonesia's legislative and presidential elections. The updates, available in English and Indonesian, provided political analysis of the election process and featured a number of key issues, including women in parliament, impunity, the impact of elections in Aceh and West Papua, and the national human rights defenders' perspective.

As the 2014 elections approach, TAPOL hopes to provide similar coverage, during what promises to be a pivotal year for human rights, peace and democracy in Indonesia.

Sep 2009

Impunity: The black mark against Indonesia's democracy

Since Suharto seized power in Indonesia in October 1965, impunity has been deeply entrenched in Indonesia. Although the fall of the dictator in May 1998 led to the introduction of the basic mechanisms of democracy, it has done nothing to end the scourge of impunity.

Jun 2009

Aceh elections: A foregone conclusion

General elections in Indonesia are held every five years, the most recent one being in April 2009. But this time round, the elections in Aceh on the northern tip of Sumatra were very different.

May 2009

A Victory for Mainstream Politics in Indonesia

Organising elections in huge countries like India and Indonesia is a logistical nightmare. Both countries held general elections in April, which proceeded relatively peacefully despite the many flaws.

Apr 2009

Indigenous Papuans Could Become a Minority in the Papuan Regional Representative Assembly (DPRP)

In essence, Special Autonomy (Otonomi Khusus, OTSUS) is simple: its introduction to Papua clearly meant siding with, protecting and empowering the rights of the indigenous Papuan people.

Apr 2009

Human Rights Defenders’ Pledge

This year’s elections raise a number of questions about the future for human rights in Indonesia. Chief among them are what are the parties’ and candidates’ policies on human rights.

Feb 2009

Women in Parliament: Quotas and Beyond

Elections in Indonesia are now often regarded as genuine ‘festivals of democracy’, events to be celebrated after more than the three decades of dictatorship when elections were rigged and the outcome was always predictable.

Feb 2009

Money Politics at a Time of Financial Crisis

With less than two months to go before Indonesians go to the polls in April 2009 for the third time since the restoration of democracy in 1998, campaigning has been underway for months.

Oct 2008

The Multi-Choice Elections

2009 will be an important year for reformasi in Indonesia, which began in 1998 after the downfall of the dictatorial Suharto regime.

Nov 2008

The Rise and Fall of Military Candidates in the Indonesian Elections

Elections are an indication of several things: the popularity or otherwise of the government as well as other political trends. In a complex country like Indonesia, they also involve efforts by groups within the power elite to secure victory or by those how have lost out to make a comeback.