19 Oct 2020

On 5 October 2020, the Indonesian Parliament passed an ‘Omnibus’ law. At the time of writing, the legislation has not yet been signed into law by President Widodo and reportedly has gone through further revisions since being passed by Parliament. The draft law remains the subject of extensive street protests across Indonesia. 

3 Mar 2020

It has been more than two decades since a process of democratic reform was initiated in Indonesia under which the military stepped back from its political role. As part of the reforms, the military were gradually removed both from legislative posts that guaranteed it political representation and also posts in Indonesia’s civilian bureaucracy. 

However, in 2019, the military indicated its wishes to re-insert serving military officers into the bureaucracy, in Ministries and Departments not directly concerned with military and security affairs. In this briefing, we address this issue by placing it in the context of broader military reform. We argue that, although some reforms after the fall of the New Order regime under President General Suharto were effective, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (2004-2014) avoided committing to further meaningful reforms, by cloaking military influence under the banner of ‘professionalisation’. 

7 Oct 2016

The joint submission by TAPOL and BUK provided information on human rights in Indonesia to the Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review in April 2017. The submission focuses on human rights issues in Papua, with a particular focus on ensuring freedom of expression in West Papua.

7 Oct 2016

Permohonan Bersama TAPOL dan BUK tentang situasi HAM di Indonesia kepada Dewan HAM PBB dalam mekanisme Tinjauan Periodik Universal (UPR). Permohonan ini berfokus pada situasi HAM di Papua yang berfokus untuk memastikan kebebasan berekspresi di Papua. Untuk melihat permohonan lengkap, silahkan unduh versi pdf. 

1 Oct 2016


1 October 2016

Indonesia: Close gap between rhetoric and reality on 1965 mass human rights violations


19 Sep 2016

Oral statement at the 33nd regular session of the Human Rights Council

Item 4 General debate – Human Rights situation that requires Council’s attention.

19th September 2016

Delivered by Andrzej Owca



Mr. President,