23 Jun 1999

Statement presented by TAPOL, petitioning the UN Special Committee on the situation in East Timor, calling for a fair referendum, and steps to ensure peaceful disarmament

15 Jun 1999

A bibliography of books and resources on Indonesia's 1965/66 atrocities. This bibliography provides an essential resource for those wishing to study what really happened in Indonesia during those fateful years.

7 Jun 1999

Briefing on the upcoming East Timor referendum, highlighting conditions which are not yet conducive to a free and fair referendum, and providing recommendations to UNAMET and the international community.

15 May 1999
East Timor in Transition, Sovereignty. Self-Determination and Human Rights
Conference speech by Carmel Budiardjo, Nottingham University, May 1999
15 Apr 1999
April 1999

1. For many years TAPOL has been concerned that British military equipment exported to Indonesia has been directly involved in violations of human rights and has strengthened a military regime engaged in international aggression against East Timor. TAPOL has called for, and continues to call for, a complete ban on all arms exports to Indonesia.

3 Apr 1999
Delivered at the International Conference on Aceh, Washington (US), 3 April 1999

I must first extend warm greetings from TAPOL and our gratitude to the International Forum on Aceh for holding this conference and inviting us to attend. We are very keen to be a part of the joint efforts to mobilise international support for the people of Aceh in the struggle to have their human rights upheld in all respects.