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UA: Targeted killing of indigenous Papuan youth in Papua, Indonesia

tapol joins other humanitarian groups in urging the government of indonesia in conducting an impartial investigation for the killings of indigenous papuan youth between 2006 and september 2015.
30 September 2015

Dear Mr Christof Heyns

Dear Ms Victoria Tauli-Corpuz

Re: Targeted killing of indigenous Papuan youth in Papua, Indonesia

Franciscans International with the endorsement of 14 local, national and international NGOs would like to submit an urgent appeal case regarding the arbitrary execution on the September 28th, 2015, in Timika, Papua Provinces of Indonesia allegedly committed by members of the Indonesian Police Force. One student was shot dead and another student was wounded and is currently in a critical condition in the Regional Public Hospital in Mimika, Timika District, Papua Province. 

Chronology of the incident:

Date:              28 September 2015

Location:        Biak Residence Housing Complex and Gorong-gorong Market, Mimika, Timika District, Papua Province. 

Alleged perpetrators

Three members of the Indonesian Police Force from Mimika Baru sector, Timika District, Papua


1. Name: Kaleb BOGAU
Gender: Male
Age: 18 years old 
Occupation: 3rd year Senior High School Student at SMK Petra, Mimika, Timika District, Papua
Address: Bendungan Jalan Sosial, Timika District, Papua Province
Status: Shot and died
2. Name: Efrando SOBAREK
Gender: Male
Age: 17 years old 
Occupation: 3rd year Senior High School Student at SMK Petra, Mimika, 
Timika District, Papua
Address: Timika District, Papua Province
Status: He was shot in the chest and leg and currently is in a critical condition Regional Public Hospital (Rumah Saki tUmum Daerah – RSUD) in Mimika.


According to information received from our sources, the Indonesian Police Force shot two Senior High School students, Mr Kaleb Bogau (18 years old) and Mr Efrando Sobarek (17 years old) on September 28th, 2015 at around 7 p.m. (Eastern Indonesian Time).  The location of the shooting was identified as Gorong Gorong Market, in Mimika, Tiimika District, Papua Province.

The two students with their friends were sitting in a tower in Biak Residential Housing Complex in Timika. A short time later, a Police truck came to this housing complex and question the civilian asking “Where are the young people who are making trouble here?” The housing complex was reportedly in a peaceful prior to the time of the police arrival. Someone in the street then reported said to the police that young people were always there and that their parents were members of the Free Papua Movement (Organisasi Papua Merdeka – OPM). Ten minutes later further police travelling using 15 motorbikes vehicles and 3 police cars came to surround the housing complex.

As a result Mr Bogau and Mr Sobarek run away from residential complex, as they were reportedly scared of the police operation. When the two ran into the street they met a group of police who shot Mr Bogau and Mr Sobarek. Both of the shooting victims where then transferred to Mimika Regional Public Hospital. Unfortunately Mr Bogau died.

Response from the authority

After the incident, the representatives of the law enforcement authority, namely Mr Rudolf Alberth Roja, Vice Head of the Provincial Police of Papua and his staff visited Mr Elfrando in the hospital. They also spoke with the family of the victims. In responding to the demand of the family to bring the perpetrators to justice, Mr Roja responded that currently three members of the Police Force from Mimika Baru Sector are being investigated.

Additional information

The family of Mr Kaleb Bogau considered this case as a political assassination and Kaleb Bogau was removed from the shooting scene to the West Papua National Committee (Komite National Papua Barat – KNPB) office before being transfer to hospital. The father of Mr Kaleb Bogau is Pastor Daniel Bogau, a minister at the local Papuan Evangelical Kingme Church, and a member of KNBP Timika.

The KNPB is a West Papua movement which is pushing for a referendum on Papua’s political status, and is seen as primarily non-violent, comprising mostly youth and students. In the last four years, until the end of 2014, more than 40 KNPB members have been assassinated. Eight have allegedly been killed in the last year by Indonesia Security Forces, either by members of the Indonesian Police Force or the Indonesian Army.

Between 2006 and September 2015, allegedly nine students have been killed by Police and Indonesian military (Tentara National Indonesia –TNI) in Timika.  The rate of extrajudicial execution in Papua and West Papua has not fallen for several years despite many allegations of a change in the approach by authorities. In all cases of extra-judicial execution in Papua and West Papua in the last two years have the victims been indigenous Papuans only. Indigenous Papuans make up less than 45% of the population. Racism is part of the daily practice of security forces in West Papua. It is believed that authorities will cover up this case as is commonly practices in the criminal justice process and perpetrators not be held to account.

We urge you to send a communication to the Government of Indonesia to conduct impartial investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Thank you.