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Displaced and Disempowered: Military expansionism at the cost of civilian lives

This report asks several questions about the spread of conflict in West Papua. The report also identifies the drivers of militarisation including increasing numbers of security force posts and bases allowing access to business opportunities, a deepening military role in ‘counter-terror’ operations, and looks at recent initiatives to stop conflict.

West Papua 2022 Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Assembly Full Report

West Papua in 2022 has seen increasing clampdowns on freedom of assembly and expression, including increasing arrests, clamping down on demonstrations, and the harassment or worse of people seeking to uphold and defend rights, particularly human right defenders and the media. It has also been a year of big events which has given a high level of exposure to Indonesia: the much anticipated division of Papua into many more provinces, the signing off of the new criminal code and the Universal Periodic Review of Indonesia at the UN.

The Military's Role in Food Estate Plans

Executive Summary

In April 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic was beginning across the world, the Indonesian Government announced plans to convert hundreds of thousands of hectares of land into rice-producing ‘Food Estates’ in Central Kalimantan. The plans were intended to prevent food supply shortages which could potentially have been caused by the pandemic. By July 2020, similar plans had been announced in North Sumatra, South Sumatra, East Nusa Tenggara and Papua provinces.

Pandemic Power-Grabs: Who benefits from Food Estates in West Papua?

As the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, the Indonesian Government proposed to establish ‘Food Estates’: massive expansions of agricultural land spanning millions of hectares of land across Indonesia, including West Papua, and producing a variety of crops. The Government’s reasons were that it wanted to anticipate a food security crisis caused by the pandemic. However, this report shows that there were other motivations.

Human Rights and Militarism in West Papua 2017 - 2022

Joint Stakeholders' Submission for the Universal Periodic Review (Fourth Cycle) of the Republic of Indonesia the 41st Session UPR Working Group (November 2022)

This submission is made to the OHCHR by TAPOL and Bersatu untuk Kebenaran (BUK; United for Truth). TAPOL is a UK-based NGO formed in 1973 that promotes human rights, peace and democracy in Indonesia. BUK is a West Papuan grassroots organisation founded in Biak in 2008 by West Papuan survivors of violence.