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security sector reform

Indonesia: Officers in Office

It has been more than two decades since a process of democratic reform was initiated in Indonesia under which the military stepped back from its political role. As part of the reforms, the military were gradually removed both from legislative posts that guaranteed it political representation and also posts in Indonesia’s civilian bureaucracy.

Joint West Papua report details deterioration in the last two years

More than 40 organisations in West Papua, Jakarta and worldwide have brought their analysis on the human rights and conflict situation in West Papua together. The executive summary of the 218-pages report explains how several human rights standards have deteriorated over the last two years. The report is compiled by the International Coalition for Papua (ICP) and the German Westpapua-Netzwerk (WPN). 

The Pacific/MSG Delegation Visit to Papua: Full of Contradictions

Port Numbay, 23 January 2014

To Mr. Leader of Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) and Leader of FNLSK.

On behalf of  Indigenous  Papuan Women and  women victims of violence and human rights abuses  in Papua, I felt obliged to write this field report findings to you so that you get a true statement.

Thank you.

Fientje Salomina Jarangga

Cc: To Leader of WPNCL.


The Pacific/MSG Delegation Visit to Papua:  Full of Contradictions

(By: Fientje Salomina Jarangga).

Church leaders: State violence intensifying in the Land of Papua

Press release, Leadership Working Forum of Papuan Churches

“Speak out for those who are voiceless, for the rights of all those who are suffering" (Amsal 31:8-9).

As leaders of churches in the Land of Papua, we are deeply concerned about the state violence which is occurring in our sacred motherland. This is clear proof of the fact that the government and the security forces have failed to provide protection for the indigenous Papua people. These concerns of ours have already been conveyed by our communities in the following statements:

The Rise and Fall of Military Candidates in the Indonesian Elections

Elections are an indication of several things: the popularity or otherwise of the government as well as other political trends. In a complex country like Indonesia, they also involve efforts by groups within the power elite to secure victory or by those how have lost out to make a comeback. Since the fall of Suharto in 1998, the military elite have lost much of their political clout and are now officially excluded from the political arena. It is therefore no accident that many retired officers, in particular army generals, are keen to return to the political arena.

New Report Reveals Extent of Papua Human Rights Violations

Following last month’s violent dispersal by Indonesian security forces of the Third Papuan Peoples’ Congress in Jayapura, Indonesia has been confronted with the full scale of human rights problems in Papua by the new Report ‘Human Rights in Papua 2010/2011. This was launched yesterday by the Faith Based Network on West Papua (FBN), Franciscans International (FI), and the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC).

Potential Hawk deal signals step change in UK- Indonesia military ties

The revelation this week by Defence Minister Juwono Sudarsono that Indonesia is considering the procurement of BAE Systems Hawk aircraft from the UK [1] confirms that the two countries are intent on securing a substantial upgrade in their military relations.

“It is disturbing that the UK government and BAE Systems, are seeking fresh deals when the UK has still not accounted for its past role as a major supplier of arms used in Timor-Leste and other areas of conflict,” said Paul Barber, a spokesperson for TAPOL, the Indonesia Human Rights Campaign.