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Unilateral renewal of Special Autonomy and arbitrary arrest of protesters in West Papua

CIVICUS and TAPOL regret the revision and renewal of the Special Autonomy Law in West Papua (Papua and West Papua Provinces), which further strips critical aspects of decentralisation and autonomy for the region. We are also extremely concerned about the arbitrary arrest of people protesting the renewal and forcible disruptions of protests.

TAPOL Joins the Papuan People’s Petition

TAPOL has today launched a briefing aimed at informing the international community about why West Papuan people are rejecting the extension and revision of the special autonomy law. In support of a call by West Papuan grassroots organisations, we have become part of the movement of civil society organisations associated with the Papuan People’s Petition (Petisi Rakyat Papua, PRP) as its 111th member.

The TNI's 'Dirty War' in East Timor

The decision by President Habibie on 27 January 1999 to allow the people of East Timor to choose between autonomy within Indonesia and independence prompted a reaction within the Indonesian armed forces, the TNI, the Indonesian National Army (formerly known as ABRI) to defy their supreme commander, a weak civilian president, and mount an operation to render the decision unworkable. In order to reverse the Habibie decision, a new military intelligence operation was launched.