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Aceh elections: A foregone conclusion

General elections in Indonesia are held every five years, the most recent one being in April 2009. But this time round, the elections in Aceh on the northern tip of Sumatra were very different. For the first time, the Acehnese voted in free elections after almost three decades of conflict. The former rebel movement GAM had transformed itself into a political party and fielded its own candidates in the local elections.


TAPOL monitors transitional justice developments in Aceh and supports efforts to establish a truth and reconciliation process in the territory.

From Bullets to Ballots: Aceh elections bolster peace process

The victories of local parties in last April’s provincial and district elections in Aceh are further confirmation of the success of the peace process underway since August 2005, says TAPOL in its latest Election Update.

The former rebel movement, GAM, transformed itself into a political party, Partai Aceh, which triumphed in the local elections.  Thanks in part to the successful reintegration of combatants into society, many former GAM activists now occupy influential positions as governor, mayors or district chiefs.