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Terror and intimidation of Papuan rights activist Yones Douw

25 April, 2014
Terror and Intimidation against Human Righst Activist in Nabire on 23 April 2014 at 11:30 (WIT), as Yones Douw, a human rights defender from the Human Rights Desk of the Tabernacle Church Papua (Kingmi Papua), was walking on Merdeka street in direction to Ojehe in Nabire town, he was intercepted in front of  Nabire Finance Department by a police officer named IMAM M.
The police officers asked Yones Douw: "Where are you going?" Yones Douw replied: "I want to go to Ojehe. I just stopped by and wanted to monitor the situation here at the election commission (KPU)." The police officer asked again: "What institution do you work for", so Yones Douw replied: "I 'm a human rights activists." Subsequently IMAM M asked: "Where is your human rights card?" Yones Douw replied: "I do not have any card. I am human rights activists from Kingmi Church.” The police officer said: "No, you can' t pass. You must turn around". Yones Douw replied: "But I want to head straight down the road." As the police officer still blocked the way, Mr. Dow said: "I'm carrying out my duties as you are carrying out yours, in order to secure the plenary meeting." The statement made the police officer angry, so he began to physically holding off Yones Douw from walking on. As the officer became physical Mr. Douw shouted: "Go on, hit me!"
As five other DALMAS police officers saw the incident, they approached Yones Douw and told him to immediately go back. One of the police officers intimidated Mr. Douw by placing his hand on the gun holster, as if he would want to draw his weapon. As Yones Douw was ordered to turn around, another Police officer named SUKIFRI yelled from a nearby police vehicle to the other officers "JUST KILL HIM, SHOOT HIM OR BEAT HIM UP!"
Police Officer SUKIFRI already knew Yones Douw from a previous incident at the Tumartis Market Nabire in 2009. At that time the officer had threatened Yones Douw at gunpoint, and then released several shots in another direction, because Mr. Douw complained against the excessive use of violence of police officers against a Papuan man during the attempt to resolve a conflict between two local residents. When Yones Douw followed the officers' directions to leave the site immediately and passed behind the grand Mosque at Nabire, other police officers shouted at him with the words:
1. You unclear human rights defender,
2. Human rights provocateur,
3. We are the ones who have to work hard and you just give us a busy time
Yones Douw reported that human rights defenders in Nabire have to face the continuously growing attention of security forces, who monitor Mr. Douw' s as well as other human rights defenders' activities and often respond with intimidation, threats, acts of terror, and negative comments towards civil society activists. Yones Douw currently feels threatened and demands that local police authorities carry out strong disciplinary sanctions against officer SUKIFRI.