Press Releases

30 Oct 2007

On 18 October, members of the anti-terrorist squad, Detachment 88 arrested Iwanggin Sabar Olif, a human rights activist in Jayapura. A few days later, he was moved to Jakarta where he is now being held at police headquarters.

20 Jul 2007

Calls for the release of prisoners jailed under Indonesia’s draconian ‘hate-sowing’ laws, including Papuans Filep Karma and Yusak Pakage, have been reiterated today by TAPOL, which promotes human rights, peace and democracy in Indonesia.

28 Jun 2007

The presence in Papua of a senior Indonesian army officer indicted on crimes against humanity charges in East Timor (now Timor-Leste) endangers human rights defenders and political activists and is a sign of the Indonesian government’s lack of commitment to justice and accountability.

1 Jun 2007

When the governor of Jakarta, Sutiyoso, rejected a request earlier this week to attend and testify at the inquest into the death of British journalist Brian Peters, he was showing contempt for a long-delayed effort to examine the circumstances that led to the deaths of the 'Balibo Five' in October 1975.

24 May 2007

In an open letter to the presidents of Indonesia and Timor-Leste, a worldwide coalition of three dozen human rights organizations led by groups from Indonesia and Timor-Leste have called on President Yudhoyono and President Ramos-Horta to close the bilateral Commission for Truth and Friendship (CTF).

9 Feb 2007

The revelation this week by Defence Minister Juwono Sudarsono that Indonesia is considering the procurement of BAE Systems Hawk aircraft from the UK confirms that the two countries are intent on securing a substantial upgrade in their military relations.