5 Dec 2012
Indonesian government to act on Papuan political prisoners

Komnas HAM and the Ministry of Law and Human Rights have responded to a civil society initiative on Papuan political prisoners, and plan to take action to recommend clemency or remissions.TAPOL translations of three articles published by KBR68H.

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3 Dec 2012
Reflections on the 1962 New York agreement

To mark the 50th anniversary of the signing of the "New York Agreement" (September 1962) which led to Indonesian annexation of West Papua, WPAT offers a reflection regarding that agreement's implications for West Papua, authored by Dr. John Saltford.

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2 Dec 2012
Freeport's entry into Intan Jaya Regency, West Papua

This article from KOMISI, a group of students from Intan Jaya in West Papua recounts how the Freeport mining company, through its subsidiaries, established exploration activities in remote Intan Jaya regency over twenty years ago with the help of a western missionary.

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30 Nov 2012
Indonesians paying £20 million for weapons used in repression

By tomorrow, 1 December 2012, the Indonesian people are due to pay the UK government £27 million. Of this, £20 million is for arms sales to past dictator General Suharto.

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25 Nov 2012
Living without a state

Writing for Inside Indonesia, Bobby Anderson describes the reality of daily life for rural Papuans, for whom the Indonesian government - for better or worse - is almost entirely absent.

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30 Oct 2012

As the UK prepares to receive the President of Indonesia for the first state visit in decades, UK groups prepare an alternative welcome for the President.

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