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Found guilty by judges, Yanwaris Sewa sentenced to 18 years in prison

LBH Kaki Abu
22 June 2023
Yanwaris Sewa (white shirt) listens to the panel of judges read out the verdict in one of the courtrooms at the Sorong District Court, Thursday, 22nd June 2023. Photo: LBH Kaki Abu.

Image: LBH Kaki Abu

The Continuation of the hearing for the verdict for case number: PDM-18/R.2.11/Eoh.2/02/2023, against Yanwaris Sewa, on Thursday 22nd June 2023 at Sorong State Court, at a court led by the Chief Judge, Bernadus Papendang, along with Rivai Rasyid Takuboya and Lutfi Tomu serving as other judges, attended by the Public Prosecutor along with the accused and his legal team.

During the reading of the verdict, Yanwaris Sewa was found guilty by the court and was sentenced to 18 years of prison. On the 14th October 2022, Yanwaris Sewa was arrested by members of Sorong South area police in Sanbika village, Maybrat Regency and was charged by Public Prosecutor, Eko Nuryanto, of violating Articles 340 and 55 Section 1 in the Criminal Code, as well as Articles 338 and 55, Paragraph 1 or Article 170 (2) or Article 353 and Article 55 Paragraph 1, whilst at the reading of charges session by the Public Prosecutor, he was accused of violating Article 55, Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code, with a maximum sentence of life in prison.

As a result of the reading of the verdict of 18 years handed down to Yanwaris Sewa, his legal team of Leonardo Ijie and Steven Peyon will work to overturn this decision, as it was based on several considerations of legal facts during the session which were an ‘Error in Person’, whereby the identity of Yanwaris Sewa was originally entered into the Search List as Titus Sewa, but the name was then removed from the list by the court.


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