18 Dec 2014

TAPOL is a recruiting a new Coordinator to lead this well known and respected human rights campaign. We are looking for a highly motivated individual with a genuine commitment to human rights and democracy in Indonesia. Read on for more details.

30 Nov 2014
'As if We're Half Animals' Filep Karma on racism and resistance

Today on the 10th anniversary of his incarceration, political prisoner Filep Karma publishes his new book ‘As If We’re Half Animals,’ a powerful and damning account of repression, racism and resistance.

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26 Nov 2014
TAPOL calls for action on Bloody Yotefa case

Following a civil society investigation into the Bloody Yotefa case on 2 July 2014, today TAPOL called on the UN Special Procedures to intervene to ensure an independent investigation, safety of the surviving victims, justice and the right to remedy for the victims. 

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13 Nov 2014
Kimanus and Linus to be moved to Abepura prison

After over ten years in jail, Papuan political prisoners Linus and Kimanus are to be transferred from Nabire to Abepura prison, far from their families.

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12 Nov 2014
Kimanus and Linus forced to use plastic bottles for toilet at Nabire police station

Papuan Political prisoners Linus and Kimanus have been moved from Nabire prison to a police holding cell and are being treated inhumanely. News report from Democracy Alliance for Papua (ALDP).

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16 Oct 2014
Papuan human rights lawyer Gustaf Kawer

Despite interventions from local, national and international NGOs and lawyers groups, police intimidation of Papuan human rights lawyer Gustaf Kawer continues.

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